in-house customer experience

Deliver safe in-store customer experiences

Telly is a local AI solution that will help you provide safe customer spaces. It informs you about real-time visitor numbers and predicted peaks, resulting in incredible customer satisfaction and operational savings.

Deliver safer visitor spaces

Avoid lengthy queues

Your shoppers hate to queue during in-store experiences. Telly informs you and your customers about the best moments to visit.

Provide safety

Generate an outsized increase in positive brand perception and customer loyalty post-crisis by providing safe visitor spaces

Save costs

Telly brings the automation you crave to avoid deploying valuable staff to guard over entrance capacities


Telly keeps user data private by performing all inferences locally. You decide when data is stored or transferred.

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Provide automated safeguards

Telly will measure real-time customer activity so that you can inform your customers actively about waiting times and off-peak moments.

The perks of having Telly on your team

The sudden emergence of COVID-19 is requiring that organisations move at unprecedented speed to re-evaluate visitor spaces. The emotional state of consumers and businesses adds to the challenge.

But the combination of fear, uncertainty and frustration presents organisations with both new risks and opportunities. Providing compassionate customer service will likely generate an outsized increase in positive brand perception and customer loyalty post-crisis. Conversely, inaccessible, ineffective or uncaring responses are likely to drive an equally pronounced negative reaction.


Negative brand reputation
Customer churn
Increased health and safety risks
long waiting queues


Improved customer loyalty
Increased revenue
Caring customer experience
Notify customers proactively
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Hi! What can I do for you? 😊

How many customers came to our store today?

There were 23 visitors in the store today. An increase by 12 compared to yesterday.

Great 😛 What products should I market to boost our sales?

OK, let me have a look…

Deliver safer visitor spaces now

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